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Xin Wei Sha
Director (FSC) & Professor
Todd Ingalls
Asst Dir + Rsch Profr, MY FSC
Grisha Coleman
Assoc Professor
Edward Finn
Director (ACD) & Asc Professor
Garth Paine
Assoc Professor
David Tinapple
Assoc Professor
Pavan Turaga
Assoc Professor
Suren Jayasuriya
Asst Professor
Stacey K
Asst Professor


Faculty interviews

Get to know your professors - Stacey Kuznetsov

Stacey Kuznetsov, Assistant Professor School of Arts, Media and Engineering with a joint appoitment at the School of Computing, Informatics, and Desicion Systems Engineering (CIDSE) talks about DIY-science and her lab at AME'S Digital Arts Ranch on the Tempe Campus.

Adam Nocek

Adam Nocek, assistant professor in the philosophy of technology and science and technology studies in the School of Arts, Meda and Engineering at Arizona State University and director of the Lab for Critical Technics. Nocek works at the intersections of continental philosophy and science studies.

Welcome note from Arts, Media + Engineering Director Sha Xin Wei

Dr. Sha Xin Wei, Director of the School of Art, Media and Engineering speaks about his excitement and enthusiasm for Arizona State University and addresses what he believes is the high merits and unlimited possibilities of the Digital Culture Program.

Samples of our faculty's work

ASU arts researcher lands 2M stem grant

Exploring, analyzing and improving existing student web-based peer review systems has led Arizona State University's David Tinapple to a research award of nearly $2 million from the National Science Foundation.

Tinapple, an assistant professor in the School of Arts, Media + Engineering in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, applied for the grant under the NSF program "Improving Undergraduate STEM Education."

Read more.

Garth Paine, Adventures with an Oculus Rift

Garh Paine and a team of researchers are studying as part of Listen(n) — a multi-disciplinary project to document and engage with the sounds of national parks and reserves in the American Southwest.

The team has collected surround-sound field recordings in these environments since 2013. Their audio makes up one of the largest online databases of its kind, which is free and publicly accessible online. They plan to grow it over the coming decades by equipping park visitors and their local communities with tools to capture and respond to the acoustics of each place.

Read more.

Pavan Turaga, NSF Awards $536K grant to School of Arts, Media + Engineering

Imagine living in a house that knows you and can anticipate your activities when you’re home. Imagine how this technology can help in the development of “assistive homes” for the elderly, and workspaces featuring built-in, ergonomic components that can improve workers’ health.

These are examples of long-term applications that could result from a $536,000 grant recently awarded to Pavan Turaga, an assistant professor in the ASU School of Arts, Media + Engineering in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, by the National Science Foundation.

Turaga received the NSF Early Faculty Development (CAREER) Program Award, which, according to the NSF, “supports junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.”

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