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The School of Arts, Media and Engineering conducts research on experiential media and systems that impact large-scale societal problems that are invested in improving the human condition.

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Legacy research products

Arts, Media and Engineering Lighting and Rhythm

Lighting and Rhythm Residency (LRR)

In this Synthesis Lighting and Rhythm Residency (LRR), faculty and student researchers the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the School of Electrical Engineering at ASU and the Topological Media Lab in Montreal come together in the Matthews Center iStage to create movement-based studies exploring how people create meaningful movement through rhythm and coordinated activity. 

Arts, Media and Engineering Participatory Culture

Participatory Culture

Participatory Culture works to create hybrid [physical-digital] systems that reflect and extend notions of art and culture in contemporary society, particularly in the realms of experiential and multi-dimensional media. Research focuses on cultural production, be it object or environment, that is not static, but emphasizes kinetic, adaptive and dynamic processes in contemporary art making.