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Students may apply for internship credit to go toward their degree programs. The process includes reading over the Digital Culture Internship Procedures and completing the Digital Culture Internship Application, Internship Student Compliance form, and the Student Placement Agreement. All forms must be signed, dated, and completed in order to be considered. All completed forms must be submitted (via fax, email, or in person) to the DC Education Coordinator, and they will be assessed for approval by the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

The DC Internship Procedures packet includes information about the process of internship application, as well as eligibility, requirements, and duties/obligations the student is expected to fulfill to receive a passing grade. The packet also includes an internship evaluation, which is to be completed and sent to the Education Coordinator by the student's supervisor at her/his place of intern midway through the semester.

The DC Internship Application requests basic student and internship information. It also stipulates that the student must find an AME faculty sponsor. The role of the faculty sponsor is to mentor the student as needed, and to ensure that the work of the internship fits with the mission of the Digital Culture curriculum.

The Student Statement of Compliance is an agreement between the student and the University, and it states that the student is responsible for her/his own safety, transportation, and duties while participating in an internship. 

The Internship Agreement Details is completed by the primary point-of-contact or the sponsor who can provide details on the internship. This form requests contact information and a brief description of the educational opportunity that the internship provides.