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We provide tutoring for students by their peers and expert staff, who demonstrate learning through doing.

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Digital Culture tutor center

The Digital Culture Tutor Center serves as an added resource for students, as well as a dedicated space for learning, collaborating, and socializing with fellow Digital Culture students. The Center is student-managed and aimed at assisting students with some of the most complex and challenging concepts in the DC curriculum.

At a minimum, students can come to the Center for tutoring in the following areas:

  • Max/MSP – AME 112, MDC 211
  • Swift - AME 230
  • JavaScript – AME 220
  • Arduino – AME 410 Interactive Materials, AME 330 Building Digital-Physical Systems
  • Programming – AME 330 Building Digital-Physical Systems
  • Cocoa Programming, C Programming Language – AME 430 Mac Development for Media Arts



Stauffer Communications B - Wing, 
950 S Forest Mall Room B 135 (Media Lab) 
Tempe AZ 85281


 Latifa's specialties: 
Swift/Xcode, Tin Framework + Standard

Black and white mage of tutor Latifa AlYahya


For hours, please visit the AME virtual tutoring sign up page:


Cole's specialties: 
Music Production, Sound Design, Max/MSP, Pure Data

Black and white mage of tutor Cole McLeod



Kayla Elizondo-Núñez 
Academic Coordinator


 Yutong's specialties: 
p5.js, Unity 3D, Maya

Black and white mage of tutor Yutong Su

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