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Fabrication Lab

students working together in a fabrication lab

The Fabrication Lab provides a space for students, faculty and staff to experiment and explore new fabrication processes with prototyping, testing and creating mockups in a variety of scales and materials. It has a standard suite of tools ranging from woodworking to light-machining along with CAD and other 3D design capabilities employing an Epilog Helix 50 laser cutter and Dimension 1200 sst 3D printer. The lab is equipped with computers with software such as Rhino, CAD, Solidworks and a multitude of relevant software, which can then create products using state of the art equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters and digital scanning and modeling tools and a fully equipped electronics lab.

Experience the space

The digital fab-lab is a 3D CAD/CAM development studio. This studio houses 3D FDM printers, a laser cutter and digital scanning and modeling tools. Dell Precision workstations run software such as Rhino 3D for digital model design. There are 10 work benches equipped for electronics and design project work.

The dirty shop fabrication space is centered around large format CNC milling and cutting tables and lathes. This space also has a full wood shop with plenty of tools to craft your design. The fabrication area also includes a separate room for locking project storage, to allow students to store their works in progress.