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iStage (Intelligent Stage)

a group of scholars listening to professor lecture in digital art class room

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering's Motion Analysis Lab / Intelligent Stage is a research lab and performance space with theater-grade hardware and custom software dedicated to responsive immersive environments and studies of whole experience. This blackbox space has multiple infra-red and visible light tracking cameras; microphone array; standard, short throw and floor-scale projectors; and 8.2 Meyer speaker system, hardware matrix for video and sound (Dante). The blackbox is equipped with a 32’x 48’ AeroDeck Harlequin sprung floor. The grid, 14’ above the floor, allows for easy access to the equipment for quick changes for a collaborative environment.

The computing platform consists of four Macintosh workstations and a suite of Mac minis for standalone installations. Additional rolling "Islands" allow for easy integration of personal laptops or computers into the media system.

Experience the space.



  • Overall-32’x 70’ Grid clearance 14’
  • Sprung Floor-32’x 48’

Dance floor:

  • 32’x 48’  AeroDeck Harlequin Sprung Floor

Electrical system:

  • 120V system with standard 20amp outlets in all surrounding walls and the ceiling.


  • 24 Channel- ETC 2.4K Dimmers
  • DMX channel control available from north and south end of space
  • 9- Megalite Babymega Q70
  • Assorted Legacy Quartz Theatrical Lighting Equipment

Sound system:

  • 8- Meyer UPJ-1P Loudspeakers
  • 2- Meyer UMS-1P Subwoofer
  • 2- MOTU 828 Hybrid Audio Interfaces

Projection system:

  • 6500 lumen laser projector 21’x33’ floor projection

Hanging system:

  • 55’x 24’ grid with 5’x8’ spacing

Motion capture system:

  • 16 camera Optitrack Flex system 24’ x 24’ layout
  • Motive:Body software

Infrared motion sensing:

  • Ultra wide angle 1494b camera with IR sources covering dance floor


  • Step ladder 12’ x 2
  • Step ladder 6’