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Degree programs

We educate imaginative, knowledgeable, skilled and responsible artists, teachers and scholars through inventive courses and programs.

Areas to study

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering offers educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students across ASU.

Students interested in digital culture are able to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, minor and certificate options. Through a collaboration with five schools and colleges across ASU, the Herberger Institute and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering have created curriculum that prepares students with both tangible skills in new media, and to be thought leaders in the digital world over the next 40 years.

We also offer a unique Media Arts and Sciences PhD program, in which students focus on translating and transporting knowledge across disciplines. This transdisciplinary degree is heavily focused on collaborative research, with courses complementing research activities.

Explore our degree options.

Digital Culture

Digital Culture (Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance)

Digital Culture (Design)

Digital Culture (English)

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Digital Culture, Minor

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Digital Culture, Certificate

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Media Arts and Sciences, PhD

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Digital Culture, MS

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Digital Culture (Extended Reality Technologies), MS

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Digital Culture (Theatre), BA

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Digital Culture (Music), BA

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Digital Culture (Media Processing), BS

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Digital Culture (Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance), BA

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Digital Culture (Graphic Information Technology), BA

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Digital Culture (Film), BA

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Digital Culture (English), BA

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Digital Culture (Design), BA

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Digital Culture (Art), BA

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Digital Culture, BA