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Digital Culture Speaker Series

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Being There: Augmented Reality for Remote Collaboration by Matthew Turk

Connecting the Thread to Construct 3-D Materials and Prototypes by Conny Groenewegen

Three Ways of Meaning-Making with Sound by Carla Scarletti

Digital Rights, Science Fiction Thinking and a Struggle for the Future by Deji Olukotun

To Die the Least I Can. Art Engagement at the Service of LIfe by Armando Menicacci

SERRA by Dr. Sha Xin Wei

The Artomatix Startup Story: Bringing A.I. to the Art World by Eric Risser

Old "New Media": Longevity in the Landscape of the Latest Tech by Dawn Stoppiello

Synthesis Center: An Overview by Christopher Roberts

From Abstraction to Action: Climate Change through the Lens of Digital Arts and Technologies by Bina Venkataraman

Expressive Robotics by Michael Krzyzaniak and Byron Lahey

Digital Culture Welcome by Dr. Sha Xin Wei

Design for human Experience and Expression by Sidney Fels

Negative Knowledge: Is Dance the Art Form of the 21st Century? by Steve Valk

The Webflow Story: Launching a Start-Up to Redefine Web Design by Malcolm Phelan

Character Design, Modeling and 3D Printing for Original IP by Steve Talkowski


Alto.Glove: Violin and Augmentation by Seth Thorn

Arts, Media and Engineering Meteor Studio Reseach by Jinhan Hu and Venkatesh Kodukula

Statistics of Object Shapes: Elastic Metrics and Square-Roots Simplifications by Anuj Srivastava

The Situation for Interaction Design Today by Harry Smoak

Realizing Augmented Reality Augmentation by Robert LiKamWa

Sounds Design by Varun Nair

Molecular Queering Microperformance  by Mary Maggic (Mature Content -Viewer Discretion Advised)

Sonification by Margaret Schedel

Infrastructure for a Reimagined Humanities by Patrik Svensson

Of Earth and Sun: Generative Soundscape Composition and Biophilic Design by Dr. Abby Aresty 

Cognitive Systems: Designing Interactions That Think With Us by Haakon Faste

Sensing our way into a future of ubiquitous computing systems by Robert LiKamWa

Magic and Time by Kristina Anderson

Print Wikipedia: Under the Hood by Michael Mandiberg

Capstone Presentations  by Digital Culture students

Playing the Sound Space by Diemo Schwarz

On the (Im)possibility of BioTechnics by Adam Nocek

Poetry for Robots by Corey Pressman


When Will Games Start Making Sense? by Heather Kelley

Sex, Lies, and Data Mining by R. Luke Dubois

Design Lessons From a Tangible and Playful Computational Future by Chaim Gingold

Power Play: How Video Games Can Save the World by Asi Burak

Immersive Entertainment: How the Future Wants to Tell Stories by Steve Peters

E-Sports Now and in the Future by Steve Sheridan

Losing My Wings: Supernatural Fables of Development by Phillip Thurtle

Biodesign Challenge: A Lesson Across Disciplines by Aliison Irvine

Experience and Computational Media by Dr. Sha Xin Wei

Engineering Touch by Yon Visell

The Phenomenology of Future Narrative Technology by Don Marinelli

Spontaneous Fantasia by J-Walt

Speculative Societies by Lisa Ma

Smartphones and Wearables by Mathew Buman

The Difference Between Playing and Gaming by Dr. Sha Xin Wei

From Robots to Smart Meeting Rooms: Building Systems to Help Us Make Sense of the World by Dr. Jonathan Lenchner

Data + Code For Art + Money: An artist talk by Marius Watz

The Turntable as a Lens by Kitundu