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NEXT EVENT: Thursday April 1
4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Abstract: Both sound and digital computation are often assumed or at least perceived as immaterial processes. However, recent philosophical rethinking of what makes up materiality and recent engagements with the material substrate—as well as repercussions—of planetary computation seem to suggest otherwise. Through recent work on sound, theory and history of science, in my presentation I would like to illustrate how we may be able to rethink digitality, as being both material and co-constitutive in our understanding of matter, by reflecting on the close relationship there has always been between sound, computation and materiality.

Bio: Oswaldo Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra is a Cypriot-Dominican artist and musician, with a formal training in mathematics and philosophy. He is a 4th-year PhD candidate in the Media Arts and Sciences program at AME. His practice deals with transformations, often by pairing up ones that are not commonly perceived as material, and thus blurring the encoding-decoding processes across media translations. These series of “recoupling” respond to both personal memories of uprooting, narratives and fixations, and immediate interests in image and computation technologies, politics of visibility and processes of subjectivation, such as the neoliberal and the postcolonial subject. These transformations ultimately take up various forms: installations, performances, video, sound, code and fiction. 

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Kayla Elizondo-Núñez
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