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Drawing on recent projects, in this talk I will discuss my approach to creating performative contexts using computational media that engender intersubjectivity and distributed creativity. Building upon my life as an electroacoustic composer and improviser, this work emphasizes collective emergence and immersion of the nonvisual senses as a means to amplify (rather than mute or mask) a sense of presence-in-the-world for individual and group. Machine agents, interactive media and telematic connections are integrated as material conditions and interactors that serve to enhance, complexify and challenge this larger network of activity.


Doug Van Nort is an artist and researcher whose work integrates electroacoustic music and collective improvisation with machine agents, immersive sound, embodied listening and networked performance practices. Van Nort regularly presents this work internationally, and recent projects have included compositions for his Electro-Acoustic Orchestra, a soundscape piece for ancient Chinese bells commissioned by the Smithsonian's Freer-Sackler Gallery, a 21-dancer interactive dance and music piece for the National Ballet School of Canada's AsembleeĢ Internationale 2017, and an evolving, solar-powered environmental sound installation commissioned by the Fieldwork land art site. His work is informed by his background and experiences in deep listening, free improvisation, electroacoustic and computer music, mathematics and media arts. Van Nort is the founder of the DisPerSion Lab at York University in Toronto, where he is Canada research chair in digital performance and an assistant professor cross-appointed between the departments of computational arts and music.

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