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4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

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Reflections on Arts Entrepreneurship and Location Based Entertainment // Matthew Ragan


Matthew has worked as an educator, mentor and counselor for over 15 years. He has a robust archive of teaching resources for the creative-coding community, and specializes in creating interactive systems for digital environments. He received his MFA from Arizona State University in interdisciplinary digital media and performance in 2015. Previously, Matthew has worked as the director of software specializing in real time content creation at the Madison Square Garden Company, as an interactive engineer Obscura Digital. He recently started a small creative engineering studio, SudoMagic, that helps design studios bring their ideas to life. 

Talk abstract:

What comes next? What kind of work is possible in the arts in the midst of a global pandemic? How can I use what I’ve learned in school for industry? Not only are these reasonable questions, they’re questions many grads, or soon to be grads, find themselves asking. Though the future is uncertain, we can begin to understand what might come next by looking at the trends and patterns of the past. In this talk ASU alum Matthew Ragan will offer his reflections on the arts and location based entertainment industries after working in a variety of settings — from being an interactive engineer at a design and events studio, to a role as a director of software at a large entertainment company, and as the co-founder of a small startup agency. Hear about what paths are possible post-graduation in the world of interactive arts and location-based entertainment.

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