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Student-made Minecraft server now open to Herberger Institute community

Last year, students, staff and faculty from the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University came together and developed a Minecraft server designed to help creatively relieve some of the stress from the pandemic while bringing the school community together. The team has now expanded the server to allow all of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts community to join in, play and help contribute to the in-game world. 

An in-game image from the student-built Minecraft survival world.

“I’ve seen students create amazing things in the creative world,” said Mia Ramos, a student who helped develop the server. “I believe that opening up the server to the whole community will bring students together and create long-lasting friendships. Our server helped my fellow students to relax and remember what they can do as creative people. I look forward to sharing this now with all of Herberger Institute!”

In addition to opening the server to the larger Herberger Institute community, other advancements have been made to the original server, such as improvements on the Stauffer B building that students attempted to replicate, as well as the addition of a survival game mode that the students can play. 

This is not all the team has in mind for the future of this server, however. Dan Jackson, the staff member who spearheaded the idea, has high hopes of recruiting a large group of students interested in trying to re-create the whole campus.

“One of our most ambitious endeavors would be to recruit a large group of Minecraft builders interested in building out the entire ASU Tempe campus,” Jackson said. “While this has been done at other universities, it has not been done at a university the size of ASU. We hope to be the first.”

For those interested in joining this server, self-enroll here and follow brief setup steps. Any additional questions can be directed to the Minecraft server admins, Ramos and Connor Rawls.