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Resources for K-12

Arts, Media and Engineering for K–12 students 

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Digital Culture Summer Institute

Are you interested in 3D design and 3D printing? Digital music? Making games? Using technology to be creative? Love both art AND engineering?

Digital Culture Creative Classrooms (DC3)

Teaching 21st-century proficiencies in high schools by engaging students in creative digital projects

A goal of the newly created Digital Culture Creative Classrooms (DC3) at ASU is to bring the proficiency-based curriculum designed for our undergraduates, to middle and high school classrooms. We believe that skills such as computational thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, and information literacy can be taught in a highly effective way by using aesthetic challenges as motivation. In other words, by engaging students in digital-arts projects, they are naturally driven to acquire many new skills that are simply required by the digital tools in order to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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Arts, Media and Engineering students working in a computer lab


​The School of Arts, Media and Engineering welcomes elementary, middle school/junior high, and high school tours of our facilities. We give tours to entire classrooms, as well as to individual students with parents/guardians. Facility tours include showcasing our gallery and the technologies in our classrooms. We also give demonstrations of technologies and engage students in interactive activities. Contact Kayla Elizondo to schedule a tour, 480-727-2849