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Clubs + organizations

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering proudly supports graduate and undergraduate organizations. Each aim to bring a sense of community and act as the voice of AME and DC:

AMESA (School of Arts, Media and Engineering Student Association):

AMESA is an organized student body that acts as a unified voice for our collective vision. This group is open to Arts, Media and Engineering graduate students.

AMESA 2015-2016 boardmembers:

  1. President: Cooper Sanghyun Yoo
  2. Vice President: Kuldeep Kulkarni
  3. Treasurer: Garrett Laroy Johnson
  4. Secretary: Jennifer Weiler

Digital Culture Underground:

Digital Culture Underground (DCU) aims to bring a sense of community to the Digital Culture program in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering through socialization, education and artistic endeavors. In addition, DCU pledges to:

  • Provide organizational support for the students in the Digital Culture program when working with faculty and administration.
  • Serve as a catalyst for students in the Digital Culture program to share knowledge, resources, and expertise freely.
  • Contribute academic support for students of the Digital Culture program by connecting them with members of the community who have the knowledge, ability, and understanding to help.

This club is fully organized and managed by DC students. Undergrads and grads of all backgrounds and academic interests are welcome to join.

For more information, please contact the DC Underground co-chair, Althea Pergakis at