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Registration requirements

Students enrolled in AME concentrations are welcome to connect their research and thesis/dissertation work to AME projects, but they are not required to do so. However, their AME research and thesis/dissertation credit hours must relate to digital media topics. The mechanism by which this requirement will be fulfilled will be determined in concert with their advisor(s).

Research Assistants or other students funded by AME or AME-generated grants are required to do their research work in an AME research group. Their research and dissertation is expected to contribute to and enhance the work of the group in which they participate. They are required to spend a significant amount of time in the interdisciplinary labs related to their AME project so that they can work collaboratively with their fellow students.

Research Assistants funded by AME or AME-generated grants and IGERT Trainees (while on their stipend years) should enroll for no more than 15 course credit hours per academic year (9 hours one semester and 6 the other). It is preferable, if possible within the parameters of the student’s plan of study, that such students enroll in only 12 course credit hours per academic year (6 hours per semester). In exceptional circumstances and only with the agreement of the advisor(s), a student may enroll for a maximum of 18 course credit hours per academic year (9 hours per semester). There is no limit on the number of research hours for which a student may enroll, so long as such enrollment is consistent with policies established by the Graduate College.