Stauffer B Flex Space

Experience our reconfigurable, sound proof, convention center style flex space.

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Stauffer B Flex Space

ASU’s Stauffer building consists of several digital labs attached to one large reconfigurable learning space (Flex Space). The building is a 4800 square foot space designed to be flexible and reconfigured quickly. A high quality, sound proof, convention center style, with integrated movable wall can divide the space in half.


Stauffer Communications B - Wing, 
B123, B125 and B127
950 S Forest Mall,
Tempe AZ 85281


Monday - Friday: 9am - 8am based on class schedule.
Saturday: By reservation only, otherwise closed.
Sunday: Closed.


Caroline Fernandez
Instructional Technology Analyst
for Digital Culture

Experience the Space

Technical Specification: 

The primary computing facilities for this reconfigurable space consist of laptops for instructors to use in their classes. This large space can also be opened up for larger performances, installations and lectures. A production style pipe grid system below the ceiling is equipped with professional lighting infrastructure as well as data (gigabit ethernet) and power drops that cover the entire space. The room is equipped with a high quality venue projector and large screen, and two additional secondary projectors and screens for divided space use. Six 12 channel integrated sound drops integrate with the room sound system. Room sound and lighting can be controlled in the learning space, or from the attached control room that has a window for a view into the space.



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