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Did you know that creative thinking is one of the top traits employers are seeking?

Add creativity to your college experience! The School of Arts, Media and Engineering offers classes that are available to all ASU students. Several courses fulfill CS, HU or L general studies designations and awareness area requirements for C, CS, H, HU, G, L or SB.

Whatever your interests, the Herberger Institute has the classes that fit your needs! Visit the Herberger Institute electives page for more design and arts electives.

Some classes are offered online as iCourses for on-campus students, and ASU Online courses are available for ASU Online students who are earning degrees 100% online.

Search the course subject and number listed below in the ASU Class Search to find all the course information.

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Frequently asked questions



  • Do I have to be a Herberger Institute major? No.
  • Are class overrides available? Yes, depending on the class. Contact the instructor for more info.
  • Are the non-major classes studios or lectures? Both are available.
  • Will I be graded against the same standards as a major? No. As a non-major your knowledge and incoming ability will be considered in the grading process.
  • Do these classes meet general studies requirements? Many classes meet C, CS, H, HU, G, L or SB requirements.